“Mark Saxton is serious about pool design. He’s very professional, he takes written minutes, he follows up everything, he speaks his mind, he takes no prisoners. He’s absolutely first class, I would absolutely recommend him for any scale of pool project.”

Ralph Kanter - Hampshire

Welcome to Pool Architecture.

If the idea of a swimming pool in your house or garden excites you, the thought of designing and constructing it may well daunt you in equal measure. Can you be certain your outline thoughts are even feasible? There's a lot to consider.

For example, do you want an indoor pool or an outdoor pool – or a combination of both? Could you fit a swimming pool inside an old barn, a basement or a conservatory? Would you be able to obtain planning permission? Would a pool blend, aesthetically, with any existing structures? Have you taken into account running costs or environmental green energy options? How would you estimate the likely expense of such a project?

Pool Architecture's expertise in pool design.

Over the last two decades we've worked on more than 400 private indoor – and outdoor – swimming pool projects. In some cases our involvement has been limited to a few hours of consultation, in many others we have spent a year or more working to a client’s exacting brief - surveying the site, obtaining planning consents, designing and building the pool and managing the overall construction project right through to completion.

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Pool Profile
Mark Saxton MD

Over the past two decades, we've designed, project managed and built well over 400 indoor and outdoor pools for a wide variety of customers, throughout the UK and Europe. If a pool design is possible, chances are we've built such a project."

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Planning Consent

If you're intending to build a pool in a listed property or building, then we can help you obtain the necessary planning consents."

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