Light Fittings and Wall Penetrations.

This section of our site is aimed at industry professionals and students who are looking carefully at various detailed aspects of a swimming pool project. We have produced some generic details which can be downloaded in PDF form to help inform the design process. These details should not be used without proper further consideration of the site specific elements:-

A) Every fitting that penetrates a concrete pool shell should have a puddle flange integrated within the first fix pipe.

B) The puddle flange detail should be augmented with a hydrophilic strip which should be designed specifically with the amount of concrete cover in mind. The hydrophilic strip should also not risk compromising the fitting itself. NB: some hydrophilic strips expand with considerable force and therefore manufacturers should be consulted.

C) Where possible fittings should be cast in or sprayed around to ensure good adhesion between the first fix pipework and the surrounding concrete. Care should be exercised in accordance with good practice to avoid honeycombing. The practice of cutting core holes from a completed concrete pool shell whilst having the benefit of neatly locating first fix pipework in the desired position introduced a further slip joint which can be prone to leaking over time.

D) Utilise products that are specifically designed for swimming pools. This is particularly applicable to lights. There are a wide variety of light fittings available, some of which claim to be IP Rated but care should be exercised to ensure that fittings are swimming pool specific and that the IP rating is understood. For example, an IP rating of 67 whereby 6 = mechanical protection and 7 = water ingress protection - superficially sounds acceptable to most pool designs but the later digit reflects a 30 minute water immersion test which is not sufficiently robust for a pool environment where in addition to constant pressure there are also forces to be dealt with relating to thermal expansion and different co-efficiency of thermal expansion, which will come in to play over the life of the pool.

Example Detail.

The attached detail sets out some of the above principles and is in common use within the industry.

Specimen Puddle Flange PDF »

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