Swimming Pool Case Study One | Jersey

This swimming pool design was going to be in an old barn with a limestone floor, on the island of Jersey. The client had spoken to local architects, but had not been satisfied. Basically, he was a retired gentleman who was keen to follow the project through in immense detail.

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Swimming Pool Case Study Two | Stirling

This project was for a swimmming pool design in Scotland. The clients first called us to explain that they had already started on the project, but that they felt it wasn’t going as they really wanted. They could see that it wasn’t a straightforward building job: it required squeezing complex services into a very small space.

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Swimming Pool Case Study Three | Hampshire

Ralph had an old walled garden next to his house; originally it would have been the kitchen garden. It was a nicely secluded area. He wanted a large outdoor swimming pool for his extended family, which included numerous children and grandchildren.

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