"I have worked with Mark Saxton on a number of high quality domestic refurbishment pool projects and find his knowledge of both products and design far exceeds that of other swimming pool designers and builders. His sense of style, his expertise and attention to detail mean that our most fastidious clients are overjoyed with the end result."

James Slater - Building Surveyor and Designer

Moveable flooring for indoor or outdoor swimming pools.

A dedicated swimming pool requires serious consideration regarding available space, so imagine how useful it would be to transform the same pool into a multi-purpose hard floor area, at the touch of a button?

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Whilst there are a variety of moveable floor technologies to achieve this, having inspected all of them, we are uniquely placed to design a system that will suit it's application and provide the perfect solution - both aesthetically and structurally.

The benefits of moveable flooring technology for swimming pools.

New developments in technology provide innovative ways to create such a facility, by mechanically raising the base of a swimming pool flush with the surface coping, resulting in an elegant, seamless floor perfect for entertaining, social activities and of course a safe environment for very young children to play.

Indoor Pools Indoor Pools

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Indoor Pools
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If you'd like to discuss the benefits of moveable flooring for a new, or on-going swimming pool project, please contact us to arrange a consultation."

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