Case Study 5 - Permitted Development Rights


Permitted Development Rights are an area of increasing complexity. In summary they are the rights that most households enjoy and grant the ability to build within their residential curtilage without the need for full planning consent. Notwithstanding this in some instances clients elect to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development to ensure that when they subsequently come to pass on the property to their successors in title all of the paperwork is in order.

The curious facet of this bit of legislation is that a lot of Local Authority Planning Officers don't fully understand or interpret the legislation correctly. This is of course entirely understandable because the legislation has been amended since the original 1995 General Permitted Development Order and the attached letter gives a flavour of what can happen. It is always worth looking at this bit of legislation when consider an outdoor or smaller scale indoor pool. It should be said that this section of legislation does not apply fully to Listed Buildings, buildings within conservation areas or areas in outstanding natural beauty.

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