"Whilst the topic of swimming pool project procurement could fill volumes, this section is intended to simply give the lay client a heads up on how it normally unfolds"

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Outdoor Swimming Pool Options.

Outdoor swimming pools can be relatively simple to administer principally because the main works packages fall neatly into 3 headings:

A ) Pool package including the mechanical services.
B ) General builders package associated with the terrace, summerhouse, drainage/site services etc.
C ) Landscaping.

Over the years this has given rise to three different methods of procurement which are listed below in order of popularity:

1. Three works packages split in accordance with the above with three individual contractors undertaking their various tasks.

• The client avoids excessive profit and attendance on any sub-contract element.
• Direct contractual relationship with the specialist undertaking the work.

• One contractor can delay another and the client can fall between two areas of responsibility.

2. One main contractor with others acting as sub-contractors.

• Clear lines of contractual responsibility to one party.
• Easier to control the works particularly controlling the programme.

• One contractor can delay another and the client can fall between two areas of responsibility.

3.Self Build Swimming Pools. Here the client takes on board the role of administrator and general contractor.

• Can be economic.
• Can result in saving contractors overheads and prelims subject to diligent design work being undertaken initially.

• Often difficult to find all of the appropriate trades for all the various packages.
• Hard to control and co-ordinate the works and programme.

Indoor Swimming Pool Options.

Designing and building indoor swimming pools is significantly more complex than outdoor. With this increased complexity there is a need to ensure that the pre-planning stage of the project is undertaken diligently and carefully before works are commenced and ideally before works are tendered. It is always worth a substantial amount of investment in pre-planning and detailed design work before starting the tender process.

Generally, indoor swimming pool projects fit into three headings which are similar to outdoor pools and in summary are (listed here in order of popularity);

1.Two works packages a main contractor and a swimming pool specialist.

Consisting of a general contractor to do the general building work and a pool specialist to undertake any specific pool work, including the pool shell, finishes and all the appropriate mechanical and electrical equipment (including the de-humidification system).

Please note* - sometimes there are external works which follow on but for simplicity, that topic is excluded here.

2.One good quality main contractor.

Who takes responsibility for all of the specialist sub-contract works. This has the advantage of contractual simplicity and avoids any split of responsibility.

3.Self build.

Not recommended for the lighthearted and should not be undertaken unless the client is well versed with the complexities and the process of managing building contractors and tradesmen.

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