“We were thrilled by our swimmming pool and gym building 2 years ago when it was completed. It is even more thrilling to be able to write and say that we are still thrilled by it and had no problems at all in the intervening period. This is a reflection of all the brilliant design and the highly competent implementation that went into this by you in the first place. Thank you for giving us such pain-free enjoyment of the facility!”

John Singer - Cheltenham

Our swimming pool design & build experience.

As specialist swimming pool designers, we've built a variety of pools from fairly standard to complex hybrid pools - partially indoor and partially outdoor. We've attached pools in pretty tight spaces, to modest suburban homes. We've also put pools into basements. In fact, if it’s possible, the likelihood is that we have experience of such a project.

Cost considerations when designing and building a swimming pool.

The precise cost of a unique project such as designing and building a swimming pool is difficult to predict at the outset, but, by detailed planning - stage by stage - we can help you to manage the costs and to keep a tight rein on the budget. We can signpost any potential variable factors for you at an early stage.

If you are planning an indoor swimming pool, the final total will rarely be less than £250,000 - in many cases, a great deal higher than that. It's reassuring to remember that the sum you spend is likely to be reflected in a commensurate increase in the value of your property. As for the many and varied joys and benefits of owning a pool, these are, in our experience, impossible to price.

Swimming pool designers - for the UK and Europe.

Pool Architecture’s expertise is in swimming pool design, pool lighting and landscaping, which means that our services can travel. We work throughout the United Kingdom and have worked on projects in the Channel Islands, the Scilly Isles, France and Corfu. Indeed, we are happy to work wherever our clients need us in Europe.

Our specialty is in listening to and responding to a brief, gaining the necessary planning consents, and then ensuring that our clients obtain, in as smooth a fashion as possible, exactly what they want. Some clients allow us a free hand to interpret their brief; others enjoy working closely alongside us, putting their own personal stamp on the pool project stages as they evolve.

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Indoor Pools

Pool Architecture are specialist designers and builders of luxury indoor and outdoor swimming pool complexes, working here in the UK and Europe."

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