Carbon-neutral, green and energy-efficient swimming pools.

Over the years we have streamlined our methods into two approaches:

The first category requires some form of alternative energy to help mitigate the escalating fuel costs associated with running a swimming pool complex. There are a variety of simple solutions which, with thought and consultation, can be effectively and economically employed.

The second category category involves embarking on a complex swimming pool project whilst looking for ways to make the facility as carbon-neutral and energy efficient as is practically possible. This requires careful incorporation from the outset and an integrated approach to the overall design. For example, this might look at substantially upgrading the insulation and/or an audit on both the embodied and operational carbon.

With detailed computer modelling it is often surprising how relatively short, in the lifetime of a swimming pool complex, a realistic payback period can be.

“On one occasion, Mark met me in Leicester to go to my favourite ironmonger to pick all the door closures and hinges for the pool building.”

Michael Crane – Jersey | Summer 2002

“The pool has been a triumph!”

William Pitman | Spring 2015

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